Welcome to the Wikispace for the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics program
Geometry, elasticity, fluctuations, and order in 2D soft matter
Jan 4, 2016 - Mar 11, 2016
Coordinators: Benny Davidovitch, Eleni Katifori, Chris Santangelo, Jonathan Selinger, Tom Witten
Scientific Advisors: Narayanan Menon, Leo Radzihovsky

Need Help?

  • Chris Santangelo has volunteered to be the wikimaster for our program. He can be reached by regular email here, or in person in office #1205.

FYI: "Geometry and Mechanics of Growing Elastic Sheets" talk on February 23

Prof. Eran Sharon is speaking at the physics colloquium on Geometry and Mechanics of Growing Elastic Sheets tomorrow, February 23, at 4pm in Broida 1640. More information about it here: http://www.physics.ucsb.edu/news/event/1231

FYI: "Building with Fluids: Fluid-Mediated Structures" talk on February 18

Dr. Pierre-Thomas Brun from MIT is giving a talk on Building with Fluids: Fluid-Mediated Structures this Thursday, February 18 at 10am in the Engineering Science building 2001 seminar room. More information about it here: https://me.ucsb.edu/events/seminar-building-fluids-fluid-mediated-structures

Special Event in Program on February 15

Dear Sheeties— Several of us have been admiring art on the KITP walls—-much of it by the KITP long-time artist in residence Jean-Pierre Hébert. Many of these images depict sheets toying with three-dimensionality, like this:


Tomorrow afternoon M. Hébert will come to the KITP for a discussion with us. He offered to talk about his work. He’s also interested in our ways of creating three-dimensional form from sheets, ie by shaping its internal metric
cf http://sheets16.wikispaces.com/Art+and+design+with+programmable+sheets

Please come if you have knowledge of ways to make 3D form from metrics and spontaneous curvature. Please come if you’d just like to listen and discuss.

Time: 1:30; place: SSR

Best wishes, Tom Witten

Special Event in Program on January 11

Please see the "3D Genome Double Seminar" page (link to the left) for details of the double seminar that starts the afternoon of January 11.

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